This board is great! I use this to get to work for my job in banking in downtown LA and I fold it to put it in a gym bag so I still look professional walking into the office in my suit and gym bag. If you need to look professional but want to skate to work there isn't any other option; I looked.

                  –  Just rode the board. Your customer service and the product are amazing. Nine out of ten on both accounts.  Review by Ken

The 1055 is an amazing board.  I use it to commute to school and it folds up so conveniently and flawlessly fits in my locker.  I got a lot of compliments on it.  Nice job with this board.  I would love to see new innovations from you guys in the future. :)

                  –  Performance And Practicality All In One.  Review by Ash

It is perfect for cruising.  Big wheels make avoiding obstacles easier.  The materials are high quality so it feels really good.  I use a cabin bag to carry it in the underground.  The block system is robust and the flex is really good (you don't even notice that the longboard is made of 3 deck parts).  I have been using it for one week and it is really useful if you live in a little flat or if you travel by bus or underground.

                  –  It works properly and it is really useful.  Review by fermaca

hey snappers!  tried out the new board a bit and have to say: my respect gentlemen!  NICE work!  it floats over almost every ground with ease and cuts my 20 min walks into a 7 minute fun ride and disappear into my backpack if not needed.... perfekt! :)

                  –  1055 longboard -- my respect gentlemen!  NICE work!  Review by J.B.

This board is fantastic.  The ride is smooth and the overall style of it is pretty.  I also love constantly making people think its broken by holding it over my shoulder. People are truly impressed by it.  Way to SNAP.  This product is fantastic!!!

                  –  Amazing Board - I love it.  Review by Dannyboi

This is everything as advertised.  Great board for cruising.  The large wheels and 10lb weight means the board goes over any bumps, sticks, and cracks with ease and the momentum keeps speed for a long stride. review of SNAP Longboard.

                  –  Love it!  Review by Kevin E.

The SNAP Longboard is hands down the best commuter board I have ever had.  I can skate around campus and go to class without worrying where I am going to wedge my board, it just slides right under my seat!  I don't have to apologize to people who have to climb over my board in the isle when they are walking by and it fits in my locker at work!  I used to ride around a mini board, but it just doesn't have the same comfort that I get with a longer board. ... overall, great board!

                  –  This is a genius product that is super convenient and easy to take anywhere!  Review by Andrew A.

This was my first longboard I got and I love it!  It's really great for not only cruising, but freeriding, and some minor downhill, even dancing.  I learned how to slide on this board.  It initiates really well and is just so fun to ride.  It also looks really awesome.

                  –  Super great board!  Review by Renz

Well, you have me sold.  I enjoy longboarding, and the SNAP Longboard is an extremely attractive concept to me because of it's convenience with traveling!  I'll be able to take it with me around the world, because I'll be able to fold it up and put it with any of my other luggage, or even travel here and there in the airport on it!  I congratulate you guys on this idea brought to life, because only a skateboarder could ever understand why it's such a great idea.  Skateboarders everywhere have been wanting this for years!!!

                  –  Duncan R.

Found this company online, while looking for my own design ideas.  I bought one, and love it...

                  –  Thread by Muppet1

I've recently bought the folding longboard and the backpack, which I just ordered separately.  All is good, had a couple of rides already and I am completely stoked, so thanks heaps.

                  –  Love the board,  Desmond T.

Hi.  I just bought the SNAP Longboard, and am loving it.  I would like to carry the folded longboard in a backpack...

                  –  Regards,  Hanmin P.

Hi guys.  Great board and very popular during my last year working at Google.

                  –  Best,  Ben C.

I was looking for a skateboard for cruising.  A longboard would be perfect except for the fact that it is too big.  So I searched for another skateboard.  I even thought of buying a Penny (from Australia).  I found the folding board of yours and it is exactly what I was dreaming of!!  Now I want a bag where I can fit my new board :) 

                  –  Exactly what I wanted!  Review by Alex

Wheels and bearings are pretty nice. Note: this board is for sliding, downhill, carving and cruising...

                  –  Not bad.  Review by Eruruehdb

This board is sooooo good I love it!  Rides so smooth and goes fast.  Good bearings from the start.

                  –  Amazing!  Review by tsypit

So far, the wheels and board rides smooth, and the ability for it to fold is great for classes.  Not too bad weight wise, at the 10lbs, but all in all, I'd recommend this board to those who do not do major jumps.  As "skate-pro-100" put it, it's good for slide, downhill, freestyle, carving, and cruising, but no jumps, flips, etc.

                  –  Not too bad!  Review by Muppet

This board is easy to pack away, I'm lovin it right now easy to slide, downhill, freestyle, carving and cruising.

                  –  So good!  Review by skate-pro-100

I have purchased your board and I'm very satisfied with it, it's truly a great board... I absolutely lovveee it.  I'll continue using this board, it fits perfectly in my bag, so I can get to school and back.

                  –  Sincerely, Daniel G. - SNAP rider for life<3

Finally arrived in France!  Love my new board :)

                  –  A. T. Xiao

My local train station is 1.5 miles away, downhill at an elevation approx 460 ft lower than our hillside house.  This setup, plus a backpack to stow it in, is a perfect, safe, five minute commuter catcher!  Thanks for engineering great products...

                  –  Luke N.

Thank you very much for the quick response.  We are looking forward to receive the longboard.

                  –  Pieter V.

Just ordered... very excited to ride around NYC and NYU!

                  –  Ben C.

Wow, thanks so much!  I'm very impressed and pleased at your customer service!

                  –  Der Wei C.

I'm down for one....!!!

                  –  P. Sanchez

That is great!  I can't thank you enough!  I look forward to getting my new deck!

                  –  JT G.

Oh my god I've been waiting since the original! Yes!!

                  –  P. Shows

Sweet, I've been waiting for this to finally come out

                  –  E. Molina

I really gotta get me one of these!

                  –  R. Johnson

Seriously love your concept of the longboard ... I love your design

                  –  Kamryn B.