About the Board

SNAP Longboard

SNAP Longboard is 40.75 inches long and made of strong 9-ply Canadian maple, and equipped with 70mm wheels (83mm wheels are optional).  The board is integrated with powerful specialized hinges that absorb bumpy road vibration to provide fast and smooth cruising.  The deck has ample standing room which is ideal to comfortably commute or travel on campus, and it can also fold compactly in half to stow inside any locker or discreetly bring along with you anywhere.  SNAP Longboard is extremely portable and perfect to go cruising anytime, anywhere more conveniently and comfortably than ever before.
  • The longboard is fastened with our very strong proprietary hinges that conveniently fold up the deck and also serve as the suspension system to provide a super-smooth ride.
  • The Canadian maple deck is beautifully constructed and designed to remain very durable, but also easy to carry.
  • Confidently cruise to class, work, or anywhere else with peace of mind knowing that SNAP Longboard is made for convenient safekeeping, so stow it in the smallest spaces or keep it by your side without hassle.
  • SNAP Longboard is built to last and exemplifies a novel product that's fun and very practical to use.  Check this Community Poll to see the results of others voting on how such a portable longboard would be used.


Q & A:

What advantages does SNAP Longboard have over other longboards?
All longboards will flex to varying degrees and may eventually incur stress cracks.  Our Canadian maple board is divided into 3 shorter sections, making each section much stronger than any simple wooden deck, which means our sections will not break.  When SNAP Longboard bears weight, the downward force is predictably absorbed by the incredibly durable hinges, which results in a controlled flex – like a vehicle's suspension system.  Although the hinges clearly enable our foldable longboard to conveniently transform into a portable skateboard – equally important is each hinge's function as an independent suspension mechanism to impart a super-smooth ride quality that's unmatched by any conventional longboard.  Even after many hours of cruising around, your feet and knees will remain comfortable.
Is it safe to use?
We use high quality Canadian boards along with our tough custom-made hinges not regular cabinet or piano hinges.  Our hinges are made of proprietary parts that can support a lot of weight and lock in place, so whenever the longboard is unfolded, the sections will always remain straight and secure to ensure safety to the rider.  These ultra strong yet discreetly sized hinges integrate with a beautiful and sturdy maple deck, so what you'll get is an aesthetically pleasing, practical, and functionally superior longboard.
How strong is the longboard?
We recommend a limit of 200 lbs (90 kg) and although the longboard will support much more weight, excessive weight will induce more flexing of the deck and lessen its ground clearance.  Of note, our $6 Combo Pack includes 4 risers (see pics) to raise the deck higher off the ground.  SNAP Longboard's patented hinge system is extremely durable and we confidently stand behind our product 100%.

How well does it ride?
SNAP Longboard has a low center of gravity which is ideal for ease of balance and pushing-off, and the robust folding mechanism provides tons of road vibration dampening to offer a super-smooth cruising experience.  Read more on the Reviews Page.

Is this longboard good to do tricks on?
You can perform tricks like you would with a non-folding drop down longboard.

How much does the longboard cost?
Each SNAP Longboard (Complete) costs US$199 with our custom SNAP 180mm trucks and 70mm wheels included.

How much does the deck weigh?
The complete setup with 70mm wheels weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kg).

What is the deck's folded size?
(L x W x H) = 20" x 9.5" x 6.0"  (51 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm).

What's the shape?
SNAP Longboard is a drop down deck which has a lower deck that drops down from the nose and tail giving the rider added stability while make pushing easier during long-distance commuting.

What designs are available?
The longboard is black with black grip tape and decked out with stickers as shown.

What is it made of?
The deck is crafted from strong and 9-ply Canadian maple, and integrated with powerful aircraft aluminum and stainless-steel components in the folding mechanism.

Can I change the trucks and wheels?
You can customize your ride with any longboard trucks, wheels, and bearings.  (All decks come with pre-applied premium quality griptape.)

Would this foldable longboard be good for a kid?
The deck is 40.75″ x 9.5″ (103.25 cm x 24 cm) in size.  The deck will comfortably carry an adult person, but it's up to each individual to decide if this deck is suitable.

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Longboard Specifications

Expanded Size: 40.75" x 9.5"                 (103.25 cm x 24 cm) Wheels: 83mm x 52mm (SHR-80a)    70mm x 51mm (SHR-80a)*
Construction: 9-ply Canadian maple Shape: Symmetrical Drop Deck
Folded Size: 20" x 9.5" x 6"                       (51 cm x 24 cm x 15 cm) Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg) - Full Set
Wheelbase: 31.5" (80 cm) Trucks: 180mm / 50 Degree Baseplates
Bearings: ABEC 9 Support: 200 lbs (90 kg) Recommended limit