SNAP Skateboard

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It is perfect for cruising.  Big wheels make avoiding obstacles easier.  The materials are high quality so it feels really good.  I use a cabin bag to carry it in the underground.  The block system is robust and the flex is really good (you don't even notice that the longboard is made of 3 deck parts).  I have been using it for one week and it is really useful if you live in a little flat or if you travel by bus or underground.   It works properly and it is really useful.  (Review by fermaca)

The 1055 is an amazing board.  I use it to commute to school and it folds up so conveniently and flawlessly fits in my locker.  I got a lot of compliments on it.  Nice job with this board.  I would love to see new innovations from you guys in the future. :)   Performance And Practicality All In One.  (Review by Ash)

SNAP Skateboard Co. created the world's first folding skateboard and now introduces a 41.25-inch foldable longboard.   SNAP Longboard is very durable and precision crafted to achieve its high level of quality.   The 0.53-inch thick bamboo longboard is beautifully constructed and integrated with a robust folding mechanism for ease of portability and absorption of bumpy road vibration for fast and smooth cruising.   The symmetrical deck has dual kicktails and ample standing room, and it can also fold compactly to easily carry or put in a locker after an exhilarating ride.   Our company motto: “Ride it.  Fold it.  Stow it.” means this advanced longboard won't ever be a burden to transport or stow away.