About SNAP Skateboard Co.

SNAP Skateboard products are designed and engineered by SNAP Skateboard Co. in Canada, assembled in China, and distributed internationally via Hong Kong.  SNAP SKATEBOARD CO., LTD.  is a Hong Kong registered supplier of the world’s best foldable longboard that is perfectly portable for travel on campus, commuting, and cruising anytime.  When you choose SNAP Skateboard Co., you'll enjoy longboarding more comfortably and conveniently than ever before.  Send your questions and comments to: info@snapskateboard.com


SNAP Skateboard Company has just introduced the world's first folding longboard

Longboards have exploded in popularity.  Everywhere you look; kids, hipsters, and even “suits” can be seen cruising down city streets and sharing bike lanes with cyclists.

Longboards are popular with commuters and hobbyists because they provide the unique experience of a smoother and more comfortable ride when compared to traditional skateboards.  However, there is one big drawback to the longboard – it's long.  Since longboards usually average 38” – 44” in length, carrying it or storing it may be cumbersome or downright impossible at times.

Longboarding enthusiasts no longer need to carry a full-size longboard at inopportune moments; SNAP Skateboard Company has just released the world's first folding longboard.  The SNAP Longboard folds down from its expanded 38” length to just 19”, which allows it to be packed inside most backpacks and gym bags.  The unique folding mechanism is surprisingly simple – four high-strength hinges fasten together the deck's two end sections to its middle section.  This patented hinge system utilizes the rider’s own weight to maintain the longboard’s full-length configuration, even while going over bumpy terrain.

The SNAP Longboard is a testament to SNAP Skateboard Company’s entrepreneurial drive to bring longboarding into the 21st century.  There is nothing flashy or gimmicky about this elegant design.  In essence, it’s still a premium 8-ply longboard that rides like it’s on a cloud, but it also folds up via specialized hinges for convenient packing afterwards.  Echoing SNAP Skateboard Company’s motto: “Ride it. Fold it. Pack it.”, you can now enjoy this popular activity more conveniently than ever before.

The SNAP Longboard is currently priced at $149 for just the deck or $189 for the complete longboard, which is set up with custom SNAP 180mm trucks and 83mm wheels.  You can pick one up at http://www.snapskateboard.com.